We provide comprehensive services and preventive-care education to our clients in a comfortable and friendly setting, fostered by our team of highly trained and keenly motivated professionals.  Our high quality medicine focuses on the needs of animals and on the equally vital obligation to earn the trust of their owners.
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Mission Viejo Veterinary Hospital has been serving the Aurora pet-owning community since 1976. When Dr. Bruce Louderback first opened his doors, he was the sole veterinarian and he worked with only one staff member- his wife Jody.  He has since grown his practice to include three associate veterinarians and eight full time staff members.  We offer a variety of services including; well patient care (such as puppy and kitten programs, vaccines and yearly examinations), surgery, digital x-rays, dentistry, and a wide range of blood testing.


We are located in Aurora, on the southeast corner of Hampden and Chambers and are open 6 days a week, by appointment only. Our veterinarians start seeing appointments at 9:00 am. 

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Check back often to get the latest updates from our veterinarians and information on specials we run .

Xylitol Poisoning

Xylitol Poisoning

Recently, a sugar substitute called Xylitol has come on the market. It is being used mainly in sugarless gum. While it helps sweeten without calories for humans, it can be deadly to dogs. Even as little as 1 piece can cause potentially lethal hypoglycemia, within an hour in dogs. It is VERY important that you call us right away if you even suspect your pet has ingested any gum with this substitute. If we are closed, please contact Parker Animal Emergency.

Have we seen your cat recently?

Have we seen your cat recently?

Your cats should have a good physical exam by a veterinarian at least once a year. Cats are especially stealth and often hide illness until disease processes are well underway. Regardless of if your cat goes outside or not, Mission Viejo Veterinary Hospital recommends evaluating your cat to determine a proper vaccine protocol.

- Wellness Exams

- Vaccinations

- Surgery

- Radiology

- Dental Care
- Microchipping
- Boarding


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15470 East Hampden Ave
Aurora, CO 80013


Mail: info@mvvh4pets.com
Tel:  303-693-1082


Fax: 303-690-5231

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