Special Information for our Pet City Clients Only


- Please bring all your paperwork from the pet store. 


- Please bring in a fresh stool sample; we strongly recommend that you have us check it for parasites and worms.  We offer a complementary wellness exam, within 5 days, when you purchase a pet from Pet City.  There will be a charge for the stool sample which is not covered in this exam. 


- If your pet is coughing and/or sneezing, please check in with us but keep your pet outside until we have a room available for you.


- To save some time on arrival you can fill out your paperwork online and send it to us now!



Did You Just Purchase a Pet from Pet City?


If you haven't already scheduled your appointment with us, give us a call.  You only have five days from your purchase date to be seen.  Please make sure you have an appointment scheduled before you fill out any information online with us.