Dental Care

Dental disease is one of the most important, yet overlooked, ailment in veterinary medicine.  At Mission Viejo Veterinary Hospital, we stress yearly (and sometimes twice-a-year) oral examinations to determine dental health.  We have two dental specials a year- once in February to help celebrate Pet Dental Health Month, and once in November.  Safe, effective dental cleanings on dogs and cats can only be performed under anesthesia. Prior to anesthesia our doctors require a current examination during which they can prescribe appropriate blood testing.



A microchip is a small device (the size of a grain of rice) that is easily placed under the skin between the shoulder blades of a dog or cat with a special needle. While anesthesia is not required to place a microchip, most clients elect to have it implanted while under anesthesia for another procedure, such as a spay, neuter or a dental.  Mission Viejo Veterinary Hospital implants HomeAgain microchips in our practice.  HomeAgain is an industry leader in pet recovery technology and are perhaps the most widely recognized brand of pet microchips on the market today.



Since our kennels are set up for hospitalized and surgical patients, we are only able to board on a limited basis. We board current patients (we need to have examined them in the last year),  under 25 pounds who are current on their vaccines (Rabies and Distemper for both dogs and cats and additionally Bordetella for dogs).



Emergency Care

While Mission Viejo Veterinary Hospital is available 6 days a week, there are times where you might need care outside of our regular hours.  In this case, we recommend you call Animal Emergency and Specialty Center of Parker at 720-842-5050. 


We understand that this is the probably the hardest decision you will have to make when it comes to your animal and we try to make it as easy as possible. We do offer a clay paw impression and option to have your pet’s ashes returned for you if you choose.



At Mission Viejo Veterinary Hospital, we believe in prevention.  We offer a variety of vaccines and protocols to keep your pet safe from preventable diseases.  In general, we recommend a series of vaccines for puppies and kittens. It is especially important to booster young animal’s immunity against disease.  Three year rabies protocols for dogs are recognized by Aurora, Denver and Centennial and cut back on the number of vaccines for your pet








Wellness Exams

Annual examinations help keep your pet in good health by catching small problems before they become big ones.  These appointments give you and your veterinarian a chance to discuss any questions or concerns regarding your pet’s health. In addition, these visits allow our veterinary team to get a full picture of your pet to appropriately select a vaccine protocol.   


Mission Viejo Veterinary Hospital provides a wide range of surgical procedures.  Surgeries are routinely performed Monday through Wednesday and Friday, weekly.  Sometimes, emergency procedures are performed on Thursdays and Saturdays at our veterinarian’s discretion.  Mission Viejo Veterinary Hospital carries out elective procedures such as spays and neuters; and more complex operations such as cruciate repair surgeries, cystotomies, enterotomies, among others, regularly.  Our hospital has the ability to bring in a board certified surgeon, to perform surgery in our hospital, for patients that need specialized surgery.  This service helps to mitigate some of the cost of the same surgery at a specialty hospital.  Our facility utilizes a combination of injectable and gas anesthetic agents that are both safe and effective.  We provide pain control for all surgical patients, both during their stay here, and to go home when necessary.  We only hire certified veterinary technicians to assist in surgery, another way we make surgery as safe as possible for your animal.


Mission Viejo Veterinary Hospital utilizes their on-site digital x-ray machine to help keep your pets safe and healthy.  Digital x-rays allow us to take fewer, more accurate pictures; thus, exposing your pet to less radiation while assisting our veterinarians in diagnosing many conditions.  We also offer dental x-rays to view possible sub-gingival problems in your pet.


Sometimes it may be necessary for your pet to have an ultrasound.  While we do not have one onsite, we use a board certified mobile veterinarian, and can usually schedule ultrasounds here in our office, for your pet, within a few days.